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Leonard N. Garrett, author


Leonard Neal “Graveyard” Garrett started out poor and motherless in the segregated south.

Blessed along the way with caring advisors and a dedicated mentor, Garrett overcame countless obstacles, including himself, to achieve success in multiple careers in the course of his life.

Garrett played football for the Green Bay Packers, the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49-ers.

He retired from the NFL in 1975 and embarked on a career in higher education, inspired to provide guidance and opportunities for disadvantaged students who needed to know there was a rightful place at the table for them in a world full of possibilities. 

When the time came to retire from his university career, he knew his mission wasn’t finished. So he took on a leadership role with the Dallas County Community College system at Mountain View College and remained there for another 13 years, until he retired in August of 2020.

Today, he still lives in the Dallas area and maintains the same dedication to fitness and spiritual health that sustained him on the football field and in the halls of academia.

He enjoys speaking to groups of young people and sharing his story of hope, determination and courage with others.

Doctor Garrett reveals how hard work, self-discipline and teamwork pays.

In a searing memoir, Dr. Garrett takes us through his life journey from family, to football, to his

educational career. Despite his family drama, two divorces and his short stay in the

NFL Doctor Len Garrett is truly an overcomer.”


~ LD Azobra formerly Lyman White, LSU and Atlanta Falcons

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